any computer hardware experts in the house?

my sisters laptop has been having trouble getting online, and as i play around with the inside i noticed the wifi card has been broken (how that happened remains a mystery) anyway, im looking online for a replacement but i dont know the technical name for it and cant find it on any stores… if anyone can fill in what this hardware device is legitly called, or where to find it (preferably on a big name store like tigerdirect, new egg or amazon) that would be greatly appreciated

i also prefer internal hardware as opposed to a usb connector…

Hmmmm, seems to me “wifi” or “wireless” card would be a proper name to use.

p.s. - I’m not an expert… :wink:

In a desktop it would be a PCI wireless card. Probably something similar for a laptop.

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thank yyou jonas… it was just what i was looking for

Dang internals for laptops are scary… I love my desktop to death for it’s simplicity. :smiley:

Yeah, I can build a desktop but I won’t touch the inside of my laptop, of course I haven’t studied the inside of a laptop but I have a desktop.

Desktops are just so much fun to open up and look around and do some cleaning. I enjoy doing simple things like adding fans or graphics cards but the one thing that scares me is the CPU. I’m afraid I might kill the poor thing,

Believe it or not; 4chan has a good help section for electronics. I don’t know the section’s name

I would of thought they’d say “Yeah it’s your System_32 file you need to delete it.”.

i think laptops are getting more customizable and easier to upgrade, however i have not been able to change the cpu in mine or anything with graphics, but hard drive, ram and that pci wireless card are really no sweat

Yeah PCI ports aren’t scary.

I freaked out a bit because the RAM for my newer desktop really had to be pushed in there (I swear it felt like it took 20-30 pounds of pressure to get the things in there.) I felt as if I were going to break it.