Any chess players out there?

I was just wondering if there was anyone who played chess here. what a great game.


I love chess, though I don’t play much anymore. My brother is never interested and my dad is a poor sport.

I can never find anyone decent to play with.

Chess by Post is a great cross platform free app for finding random opponents. You have four days to make a move and can play tons of games at a time.

I enjoy chess, but I’m mediocre at it. I can only see about 2 or 3 moves ahead, and don’t have a feel for the “big picture” in a game. I also don’t have a single form/pattern committed to memory, so I can’t recognize opportunities that past masters have capitalized on.

I suppose I’m a step ahead of most of the people I play, who only think of their current move and whether they’re going to take or be taken with that move.

But still… compared to real players, I suck.

That’s exactly how I feel about how I play. I do well against the average Joe, but anyone that does it for a hobby ill get smoked. If I worked on my game I could probably get better, but it seems like too much work.

Same. Plus there’s no one to play with. My little bro thinks he’ll always lose, and my dad is definitely a challenge but never has time :-\

Michael Richards who played Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld is rumored to be a master chess player.

I’m not sure if that’s insane or makes perfect sense…

I play, you throw the pieces as far as possible,right?

I can play the game (barely) but I’m not obsessed with it.

You only throw for distance if you land on the left coastline boindoggle after your opponent has claimed jurisdiction over your east quadrant drawbridge gearbox using his cyclops gladiator’s clydesdale.

amateurs ::slight_smile:

You sure that’s chess terms because I don’t think the use cyclops and gladiators in chess…

huh…then what game am I thinking of?

once again I have derailed a perfectly legitimate thread.

ah yes chess… I have fond memories of chess…
…fond… …memories… …and treasures…
…memories and treasures…

I’m decent. Don’t play often though. I a game where I seriously take my time and think, I’m pretty good.

id consider myself decent, but i dont play much anymore.

I’m pretty good, I just like getting check mate in 4 moves and people flip out.

I love chess. I was the best in my Elementary school, and made it to the district wide competition (for the elementary schools) three times. I usually made it into the top ten out of maybe 50. I play any time I can.