Any BMX'ers? Need Help

Any BMX’ers on here? I want to learn but all I have right now is a mountain bike :-\ and I want to get a BMX bike. Any recommendations? I don’t know what fixies or anything like that are. My cousin does a little bit of BMX and the only bikes I know are Haro bikes…Yes, I have no idea about BMX.

What do you plan on riding? Dirt, Street, Flatland, ect?

What’s the difference between street and flatland? I plan on learning just on my street then going to skate parks.

THis is the best way to describe it:



Thanks! I’d probably say I will be doing flatland

Good choice :smiley:

To be honest, flatland is EXTREMELY hard and can get very expensive fast. When I rode my bike was at least $1000. Now I’m not saying you have to spend that much, but trust me, having the right bike w/ the right parts helps.

Here is a great site for bikes and parts for Flatland:

Ohhh, I think my mom might let me get a Haro in a week for my birthday. I’m not sure what model it was but it was Black and had some Gold on it. I think it was a Haro, not positive. I will have to figure out the model. And I’m about to look on that site, thanks Mike!

No problem. The last I remember the Haro Master was a great flatland bike but it was a bit pricey. I’m not even sure if they still make it. If you mom is looking to not spend so much, this is a nice bike, it just needs pegs:

Thanks! I told her how much the one I wanted was and she said “would it be ok if someone got you one or would you want to pick one out?” and usually when she says that…Well you know, haha.

Wait, is all flatland like breakdancing type thing? I just want to do like 180’s, some jumps and handle bar twist. Just like beginner type stuff.

HAHAHA, breakdancing, I’ve never heard of it put that way but yes, all flatland is like that. For “180’s, some jumps and handle bar twist”, that’s more street.

I got the break dancing thing from a video I saw, someone said “Flatland is pretty much break dancing on a bike”. I’m not sure if I would want to do Street or Flatland :stuck_out_tongue:

Try this or the Performer by GT

When i rode flatland this is what i used just the 09 model but same thing

It says street, but from my experience its really a flatland bike and the performer is more of a combo of both.

The Compe used to be a great Flatland bike (When it was a Dyno bike) but now it is just your every day street bike.

The real Compe:

This was my bike but my frame was polished aluminum and it was the 98’ (the first year it was out, there is no difference between the 98’ and 00’) :

Oh thanks for clearing that up for me haha.Cbax whatever bike you get you’ll see that it just requires lots of practice :smiley:
Good luck
I haven’t rode for like a year so I don’t know whats new or not. :wink:

any complete bike you get, is going to be heavy, unless you get an upper end kink or eastern, other than that i would recomend building one out of animal parts. (animal is a company)

This is true to an extent. I’ve seen some light complete low end bikes but for the most part, they are heavy.

An update/bump:

So my mom let me pick out a bike for my birthday, I ended up getting a Haro 500.1 and I love it! I ended up getting pegs for it (I might take off the front pegs soon) and I took off the brakes. I know it’s a street bike but for some reason I can’t really get it to do a bunny hop…Yes, newb-ish right? Well my friends couldn’t either and they can on their bikes. I was doing bunny hops on my cousin’s Haro F1C bike (and that’s a freestyle bike, right?) but not on mine. At the moment I am really interested in foot jam tricks (Is this street or flatland?) and I can do Foot jam endos and foot jam tail whip. I didn’t really start until this week and I am happy with what I can do. Also, my parents are divorced so I have two houses, I sort of want another bike to keep at the other parent’s house but I’m not sure which one to get? I was looking at the Haro 500.3 and 400.3. I am debating getting a .2 or .3 series though. I’m thinking about getting .3 series the most though. Well, any tips or help is appreciated ;D