The BMX Thread!

What kind of set up do you have? How do you practice? How much pain have you taken? Do you have any ramps? Post here! Anything about BMX!

I’m currently using a Haro 500.1 with Odyssey Twisted Green Pedals brakeless. I like to practice on this little Ten Eighty fun box thing and at skateparks with my friend Alex (Optic on here and OfficialAlexLee on youtube). I took quite a bit of pain today on the little ramp I have, I flipped two times and tore up my stomach…But hey, I cleared the ramp! 8) Also, I plan on making a micro spine, a 3’ quarter pipe and a 5’ quarter pipe. How about you guys?

I take it you do freestyle.
I ride BMX, like the stuff called BMX. I don’t really race or anything just play around at the local track, when I was a kid I was an active competitor.
Never got into the freestyle stuff, although I like flatland a lot, and would love to get good at that.
I ride a specilized Fatboy, 24".
When I was young I took a lot of hits but not anymore, I just ride for the hell of it, so I don’t wreck ever.