Any Airport Problems?


So me and my family are going to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico on Wednesday. Of course I’ll be bringing my bag (a lunchbox pretty much) which has 5 yoyos (DV888, Shaqlerstar, Classic, and a pair of MagicYoYo D5’s), string, lube, and extra bearings. Will probably just bring the Classic and the D5’s and leave the last 2 throws at home. Will there be any problems going through security at the airport?


I doubt it, as long as you aren’t taking any weapons you should be fine.


Hundreds of players have flown with their case as their carry on, myself included, and I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem.

You’ll be fine.


If you’re really worried, you could disassemble them and put them on the x-ray belt with the case open. They aren’t going to see any electronics for sure so that shouldn’t be a problem.


No. Also use search…


I traveled to Florida and back this week with almost my whole collection(around 8 yoyos) with no trouble at all u should be fine


I actually just went to Cancun, Mexico last week and had no problems.


I wouldn’t bring the lube because some airports are EXTREMELY sensitive about carry on liquids not like you’ll have to clean and lube your bearings anyway


K, thanks for the help guys. I’ll just bring my pair of D5’s for 3A, the Classic, about 5 pieces of Normal Kitty, put it all in our hand carry and leave behind the extra bearings, lube, DV888, Go Big, and Shaqlerstar. Thanks for the reminder about the lube even though I almost never use it, heard about it so yeah I’ll just hope everything goes well during my week there and try to barely translate anything with my HS Spanish I skills :smiley: