Any advice for me?

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Hey guys, I realized I’d been meaning to post this and never did. So this is my 1a prelim from MN states, my final sucked. If anyone has advice, that’d be great. Thanks!


Definitely have a routine that is longer that 0.5 seconds. :wink: (the video at that link doesn’t work)

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Hahahaha let me fix that

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Ok sorry, my ipad won’t let me modify it… Here’s the link.


My advice is: keep being awesome!

I think the little “bigger/smaller” flourishes near the end of the string were a bit overdone; the didn’t add significant value to the tricks and seemed like “filler”.

I think in most cases coming out of a trick you want to go into another trick; once I think you weren’t sure what to do with the yoyo in the position it was in, so you let it go down to full sleeper before going into the next trick-- it seemed intentional rather than a flub, and if so, you probably want to avoid that.

String tension didn’t seem to mess you up TOO much, but I noticed it was getting a bit twisty from time to time. I have no advice for this since I have no idea how to make tension management look good in the middle of a combo; but more experienced players might have some tips.

Overall? Really, just well-done. You should be very proud of your performance. You’ll do even better next time!

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Thanks! String tension was a slight issue. What do you mean by ‘bigger/smaller’ tricks?


That was impressive… It seemed like your string was really long, but you made it look good. Also, string tension… There’s a magic spell I know to deal with it… It is known as… SWIVEL.


Swivels are like steroids for yoyos. Are they allowed at competitions?


I would be absurdly surprised if they weren’t…

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Thanks! I’ve been known to have some seriously long string… It suits my style, and I don’t have to cut my strings :smiley: I haven’t tried the swivel mod. Very tempted to. Would it scratch up my yoyo?


Very nice! You play fast, I respect that :slight_smile: BUT at points it seemed more rushed and hectic than fast and smooth… Fast and smooth is what your going for :slight_smile:

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Yeah, typically I’m smoother than this… What happened is I had to switch my music at the last minute, so I was making the freestyle up on the spot… Not a good idea haha. Which is why some of you noticed small amounts of hesitation. But thanks for your feedback!


Tricks where the main part of it is simply winding the yoyo quickly around your forefinger, and then unwinding it again. Not sure if “bigger/smaller” is the technical term for it. :wink:

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Oh that’s what I do when I have to make a combo on the spot haha. Just lindy loops. Like I said, this was pretty much improvised… :frowning: