Anti-Yo is back.....

Anti-Yo is Back! For Realz!

Posted by Dr. Yo-Yo in News on May 4th, 2011

Anti-Yo is back, and this time it’s for reals.

The yoyos we’re about to release are not collaborations with any other company, the halves are machined by One Drop’s machining studio. The rest of the yoyo (design, concept, anodizing, lasering, bearing, packaging, pads, & assembly) is all done in-house by Sonny and I, just like the old days.
We are not going to have a team like we did years ago, but Jake will be involved in the very near future.
Both Sonny and I are extremely excited about all this, more yoyos and news very soon!

The true test will be when the product hit’s the market. :wink:

i have faith in them. we know kia and sonny have the ability to make some of the best yoyos in the world. manufacturing was the issue in the past and with this being outsourced to the extremely capable guys at one drop i’m sure we’re about to see some world class yoyos with a refreshing feel hit the market.

oh yes cant wait

Still waiting for the YWET. :wink:

Forget the Ywet, its all about the BPZL now.

Ummm, it was meant to imply that I’ve heard all of this before, since about 2005 or 2006 that they were coming back. When they get a product on the street I’ll believe it. When they produce, they make good stuff, no denying that.

I was at a Spindox meet, and the owner came by, and let me try the new yoyo that’s in works. It’s dead smooth, it’s true.

I hope no one takes my comments wrong. I love there stuff and still have a fluchs and eetsit. If they can make it go again, I’m all for it.


Im not glad Jake left Werrd, but Im 100% stoked about him going home to Anti-yo.

I love you guys!

I’d love to see some new Anti-yo throws, but I’m not going to get excited until stores actually start stocking them.

I really want to try those, although chances are minimal to me.

I get to see Sonny next week, Im gonna get some pics!
and maybe BEG to throw one!!!