Anti-Yo: His & Hers


Just got through polishing the twins and realized they’ve got a very “husband and wife” feel. Probably not often these two appear together…and probably less often anyone can get a shot of either before they tarnish!

Say what you will about the YWET’s play, still some of the coolest looking throws around (imo ;D)


Those look beautiful.

I’ve never tried a YWET. I’d like to try one, but can’t justify the price of hype and gimmicks.

The copper-plating was an awesome idea though.


Man!I would love a pair of those guys…


Definitely a unique player. I probably wouldn’t outright recommend it to anyone for performance, but there’s something about the play that grew on me and keeps me coming back to mess around with them. These two, the SLCK and DRI, come siliconed only on the inner ring like a traditional response which is a big improvement over the quad fist imo.

The copper definitely has some wow factor but I’m partial to the black chrome look of the nickel in life. Only problem with the nickel is that it will only look good until I touch it. The grease from your fingers instantly darkens and dulls it considerably.


I think the YWET plays awesome. Very nice pic!


I apologize for being ignorant, but after the copper has significantly oxidized can you really make it shiny/polished “new” again? If so, how do you do that? I love how dark mine is now, but if I can gloss it up again I’d also love to try.



It’s actually really easy. Mine was totally tarnished. Many metal polishes will work, but I’ve always liked Mother’s Mag & Aluminum polish, and you can get it from any auto parts store. It’s a very fine polish that allows you to be really gentle on coatings like this, but also gives you a mirror shine on bare metal should you ever want to try. Handy to have around.

Anyway, all you need are two microfiber cloths (or one that you cut in two). Just really lightly dab the cloth into the polish tub and polish the yoyo half in circular motions with light pressure. Once you’ve worked the cloth a bit and it’s starting to leave black residue, then switch to a clean part of the cloth and dab a bit more polish. Every 30 seconds of this I use the other clean cloth to wipe away the excess and see how the part looks. This particular job doesn’t take hardly any time at all, you could have both halves back to brand new in less than 5 minutes.

When I’m done I like to run the part under water to get any excess polish off. I found that this may cause the flatter finish inside the cup to want to tarnish a bit, so then I hit that part one more time with a tiny bit of polish and then wipe it away (no water this time).


You are awesome. Thank you so much for the instructions! I’ll be doing this over the weekend probably. Great throws. I’m looking forward to mine looking that shiny again! :slight_smile:


Don’t get too excited, mine’s showing some really light tarnishing again and I haven’t played it yet. :smiley:


I just have to say thanks again. I polished mine up just like you described and they’re perfect. You clearly can’t play with them without them tarnishing/getting fingerprints but they are beautiful. I live in Vegas and with no humidity in the air the DRI-YWET actually does okay keeping its shine as long as I don’t play with it!


I’ve always wanted to play a YWET too. What’s up with the double-response system? How does that affect the play?


On the regular YWET it’s got 2 channels for response, for a total of 4 on both sides or “quad fist” as they say. You get some rubber rings to shove in those channels and you can mix and match how you like, leaving some out or putting them all in, to customize how the response acts.

…but that never really worked very well in many people’s opinions. So, for both of these special editions (the DRI and SLCK), Anti-yo just went ahead and used traditional silicone on the innermost channel of each half so it’s basically just a standard silicone response. Plays fine that way.


The DRI is starting to tarnish again but the polishing really does work so well. Today was a beautiful day so I set them in the grass using a first run Chief and an Orbitron 5000 as display stands. Ha! I think the SLCK looks really awesome here.