Learned something cool today!

So, if this has already been posted elsewhere, I apologize in advance.

I received a DRI-YWET today in the mail and it was extremely tarnished. I wanted that beautiful bright look, so I looked up ways to polish copper. I read that you could use a lot of household items to do it, but the one I found to be the most interesting was ketchup! I used some with a bit of doubt, but I could see a difference as soon as I put it on, and the directions said to let it sit for a few minutes. This worked amazingly. I now have a like new DRI-YWET!

Picture please! :smiley:

I don’t have a before. I didn’t have the foresight to do that. But here is a quick iPad snap of how it looks now.

Actually, here is a picture they sent to me. It was even a bit more tarnished when I got it.


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Wow, that’s awesome. I’ve been using Mother’s to keep mine looking new when I want it to, but I may just have to try the ketchup for fun and less fumes!