copper/brass plated yoyos?

I just want to know if there is ones or if anyone has ever tried it. I was contemplating doing it because i think it would look awesome, plus after having it a long time it would probably oxidize and have a greenish tint to it.

Oxidized, greenish tinted copper is UGLY.

I always thought a copper plated yoyo would be cool… I know AntiYo has done the Dri-Ywet and it looks awesome new and with a patina to it… I know there is a copper plated BPZL also, but it was never released to the public as far as I know :wink:

here is spankin new copper plating… YYE Store picture:

I am assuming here is the lovely patina they get… pic from Sonny’s flickr:

That is not the greenish oxidation. :wink:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe copper doesn’t immediately turn that iconic oxidized green when exposed to ‘nature’. That green color is the result of copper sulfate, which takes many years to form.

Your DRI-YWETS will turn green, but not for a while :wink:

Not of they have been sealed. In which case they should stay that way for a considerably longer period of time.

It takes a while for the green patina forms. It can range from months to years. It depends on the copper, quality and conditions.

My DRI-YWET is significantly less shiny than it was 3-4 months ago when it was purchased and I keep it in a standard, foam, yoyo case. It’s really starting to look pretty awesome.