Aged Anti Yo Dri Ywet

Hello all! It’s been almost 7 years since the Anti Yo Dri Ywet has been released. I absolutely love the copper finish. When I purchased new I was all about the idea of how each one of these will be different for each owner. I purposely used the yoyo and let the oils and air oxidize the copper. I wanted that patina. Since it’s been a little while I wanted to share how much mine has oxidized. I’m curious what everyone else’s looks like now if they want to share. Anyone keep theirs air tight and looking new? Cheers!


Yeah copper is super cool. No vibe on these?

You can certainly see the difference between the inner cup and the outer cup (where your hands touch)!

I have one or two copper deep states and I kept one half-swapped nickle/copper in a case so I can do a comparison just for you sir!


Is this the same one that was put on Reddit for a Really Really good Price?

But they’re so pretty when clean


Will have to take a better photo later. Mine is always changing, it’ll get really dark for awhile, then lighten up. I’ll polish it about once a year (if I remember).

This photo was from this past November. Will try to get it out tonight and get a current photo of it.


Very Nice!

This thread makes me want a copper yoyo.

Yeah there’s not a lot to choose from in copper plated TBH

Yeah and I they seem to be more sought after than whatever yoyo it is. Makes it tricky to get my hands on one but I am sure one day I will find one.

Love seeing all the coppers! Thought I’d share my Endeavor, had it since early January and it’s on its way to being tarnished by the gross on my hands!


I guess we’re taking liberties, and posting other copper yoyos, so here’s a progression with my DS:

Got the brass spikes on the way. Can’t wait to see how it plays and looks with those!