LF: Copper Plated stuff

Hey all, curious to see if anyone was considering selling antying copper plated.

Obviously, Dri-Ywet is top of the list, but we all know Anti-yo stuff comes up infrequently and I want to be realistic here (i mean, isnt everyone kinda looking for a Dri-Ywet?). Dont get me wrong, if you got a Dri-Ywet and are willling to part with it, I would like to buy it, but things like:

Deep State

Any amount of patina is fine by me, I love how it ages and looks. I just want my hands smelling like pennies. (…also if you got any info on that Spencer Berry Copper Theodore, havent heard about that in ages)

Let me know if you got Cu you would be letting to part with, and thank you for your time.



Got what I was looking for! Close this sucker down :+1:

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