It's amazing what some acetic acid and sodium chloride can do (Dri-Ywet)


So I recently came into possession of a tarnished but beautifully pristine Dri-Ywet, and I had this crazy idea that I’d like to try and return it to it’s former shiny-ness. I’d say glory, but in this case it’s pretty sweet lookin’ all tarnished too. Anyway an initial shot of that wonderful chocolate brown tarnish:

So I got all active and got out my vinegar and my salt, and away I went. The methodology for this was as follows,

  1. Mix some salt and acetic acid/citric acid containing fluid (vinegar or lemon juice is easiest)
  2. Liberally run the solution over the yoyo, carefully rubbing with a soft cloth as you go
  3. Before the acid/salt solution dries too much, dunk the throw in some clean water with a little soap in it
  4. Buff.
  5. Repeat to clean up each side of the throw, however clean you want to go - but take note, the initial cleaning solution enhances oxidization, so if you leave it on the throw will oxidize in a heartbeat.
  6. MonkeyFingr Buff the bad thing until it shines

The final product looks something like:

Revamped and ready to rock and roll!


Looks sweet! Looked sweet before too though :slight_smile:


It really did look sweet before. It looked so much better than I was expecting. I figured though that I could always get it back to a tarnished state :wink:


That shade tho,…