[Anti] Thesis yo-yo sure caught me by surprise.🙀

I’d rather be lucky than good any day.

Two weeks or so ago, I noticed one of the regulars had to catch up on a few bills.

One of the yo-yos he was selling was the Antithesis. I actually try to keep up on yo-yo related stuff. But sometimes time constraints derail my focus.

I had vaguely heard of the yo-yo, but didn’t pursue getting any additional information about it.

Secondly, the yo-yo was black. And black is pretty opposite of the brighter, more visible colors that I tend to prefer.

………And, when it comes to Titanium, more often than not, I like the natural look and lower maintenance value of raw or brushed Titanium. My EDC yo-yo is a Seventh Heaven. And I have bumped it into all kinds of stuff with almost zero visible damage, lol).

I moved on down the BST. I figured somebody would snatch it up and save me from temptation, lol.

The next time I was checking out the BST, there it was…….unsold.

I decided I could help solve a problem. And worst case scenario, I would not like the yo-yo and it would be up again for sale or trade.

So…. I get the yo-yo in the mail and just leave it in the package/no rush/I have so many yo-yos.
……And it’s black/not impressed…. And I don’t really know beans about it/so, no reason to be excited…. And, I prolly have at least 20 something titanium yo-yos/so how impressive can it be?

So, at about 3 in the morning, I decided to unbox the Antithesis and throw it around.

Most of you guys know I am 70. Getting too excited can give me a stroke or something, lol.

This seriously proves that being helpful can be rewarding.

This yo-yo is easily one of the very best yo-yos I have. I haven’t the slightest idea how much time it took to design this yo-yo.

But I would say, their hard work was well worth the results.

It is Amazing.


I completely agree. I heard of it before pre-orders started, heard lots of good things about Thesis, the Hypothesis, and really enjoy my Serenade so while I did consider one, the shape didn’t grab me and other things ended up taking priorities (like the TiTriton which went up for pre-orders around the same time frame).

Fast forward about six months and I had a chance to try @MaximShoots’s at the September Berkeley meetup. “Amazing” is a great one word summary; it plays really, really well. My reaction after my first throw was basically:

It is easily one of the best yo-yos (titanium or otherwise) that I’ve thrown, definitely in my top 5 titanium, up there with the Dazzler and Krown Ti. Some days it’s all I want to play, a spot that’s only been held by a few other yo-yos for me (Kappa and YWET are two examples).

One thing to note is that it does have a tiny axle tho so be careful not to drop it if you take it apart outside in the grass >.>

tl;dr Antithesis is absolutely incredible and well worth going out of your way to try.