Another yonut video.


It’s okay if I suck because I’m a girl. That has to count for something, right?  :stuck_out_tongue:

Comment, rate, whateverz please. Mucho appreciated.  ;D

(Waylon) #2

Your video is private.


Hmmm? Nooo. I don’t believe it is. If you’re viewing it from a mobile device, it’s probably not compatible since something got messed up in the uploading process from iMovie.

Sorry about that, brah. Just too lazy to re-upload it.


I’m on my computer at home and it’s telling me the video has been removed by the user.



Who said you stunk because you’re a girl?

That doesn’t do anything.

I think you’re pretty good!

Don’t put yourself down. :wink:

Good video!

It works for me.


Oh, nevermind, it works now =D You’ve got great skills! Loving the mirror image thing too. Makes me think that synchronised yoyoing should totally be a thing.


(Jerrod) #7



Shanks for the encouragement, guys! I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

It’s not exactly Jensen’s Magic **** trick. It’s Xela’s “Broken Star” which just happens to look like Jensen’s erm…lower dangly eiffel tower. This was just easier to learn than Jensen’s trick, but still gets the desired result. ;D

(Jerrod) #9



lol if only i could find a girl that throws… bhahahaa