Another yo-yo case and foam supplier recommendation

This needle felting supply store sold me a 6"x9" piece of 1.5" foam for $6.66 shipped. Pretty good.


Homemade case!
Cheap dremel-like-tool-that-broke case. Approx 6x9 inches.
Mouse pad covered with red silk on bottom.
Soft foam covered with red silk on top.
Gray foam with sharpened-tomato-paste-can holes.

Pro tip #1: I was able to bevel the edges of the gray foam with a belt sander.
Pro tip #2: Wear breathing protection if you attempt pro tip #1, for serious.

Looks amazing! But yeah sanding down foam is soooo bad to breathe in lol been there done that

Looks really good. That site seems like a decent alternative for people looking for smaller quantities of foam but it is extremely expensive relative to something like foambymail where you could literally get 32x as many square inches of 1.5" depth foam for only about 4x the cost ($29 shipped)