Another video challenge


This challenge is the same as alot of the other video challenges but I made this one for the people who are not as awesome as other and are pretty new to the awesome hobby of yoyoing my only rule is nomaster tricks just expert 1 and below so have fun. P.S Im free for challenges to


You can still do video battle challenges in this thread:,2648.0.html

There is no level requirement in it and if you are looking for someone of a lower level, then you can just say so.


But i did and nowone replied to me or anything and i already new alot of them are like masters so thats why i made one for the lower level players like myself
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You shouldn’t call yourself a “noob.” Honestly, you know more tricks on this site than I do. Just try asking again. I’m sure someone will take the challenge eventually. It’s just because we don’t have the hugest community here on YoYoExpert.


yeah well everyone i asked were in the late expert tricks or masters and i am late advanced so ompared to them im a noob

(Shisaki) #6

compared to me your not, i’m on semi expert and I’ll take you up for a challenge if i have time, i got 2 on my hands already.


k thanks ill ask again