Another thread that needs help from you!


I’m looking for a throw, I don’t care about what it’s made of, I just want something not too heavy, but not too light either, and between 2.1 and 2.18. I know that’s very specific, but that size is what is what I find perfect. Any suggestions?


Your measurements. They confuse me. :slight_smile: 2.1 – 2.18 ounces? 59.5 – 62g?

That’s a range I’m unfortunately pretty unfamiliar with. I’m going to say, TMBR LoveJoy. :wink:


Diameter, woops! I like the 65-67 range when it comes to ounces, I’m not much of a biggie on weight, although I would much rather have a weighty throw than a floaty one.


El Ranchero! Stable, solid, and 2.16in diameter. :slight_smile:


That yoyo looks just to perfect man, can I borrow $130 dollars? :frowning:


I know. :frowning: There are costlier yoyos out there, but this one is the most expensive (new) yoyo in my collection, and it hurt more than a bit when I clicked the “confirm purchase” button.