Another SPEEDAHOLIC review

Speedaholic Review

Three colors are available, Red, Blue, and Clear.
Its amazing how transparent the Clear version is,
almost as if it was made out of glass. The blue is
just a tad too dark for my liking. My personal favorite is
the red version, red with a
a pinkish-orange tinge, which makes for great visibility during play.

On the Hand:
It feels quite solid. If I didn’t know the specs
I would have estimated around the 70-71 gram area.
The body looks and feels solid, one glance and you can tell this
throw can take a beating.

Pretty Dang Awesome.
This throw has the capabilities to run with the big dogs.
The name is pretty apt. This thing just screams for speed!
It handles tech with no problems, horizontals as well.
5a is just a joy, it breezes through all my combo’s with ease.

I tried all fifteen Speedaholics I had and not a single one had
any vibe. You do have to make sure that the two arrows on the stickers
are aligned. Smoothness.

Another thing I love about it is the way it sounds.
On a strong throw, this yoyo just sings, quite unlike the humming
sound of an alpha crash.

A side note: you will need to pay attention to how much
your string is in contact with the yo-yo body.
It tilts quite easily, just as much as a YYJ Classic is does.
This does not affect spin time though, and also helps hone your

Amazing. Get one. Or two. Or fifteen.

Seriously, consider getting one. Or two. Or fifteen.


colour is really subjective, IMO from the pictures the Blue looks AMAZING, perfect if you will, but will update when mine arrives soon (it should be less than 2 weeks)