C3yoyodesign speedaholic v2 review


Hey guys so here is a quick little review of the new speedaholic.

Basic summary: JUST GO BUY IT!

So I’ve had this yoyo for about a month so I have really got to know this yoyo. I’m not going to go into specs and such because you can find that on the yoyoexpert site. I also have the version 1 to compare it to and even though I don’t own a skyva I’ve played my friends a lot.

I’m going to keep this short and simple so here we go…


The construction is good. It feels solid and is well made. The bearing that it comes with is absolutely fantastic it seriously gives my pixels a run for their money. It plays quiet and smooth and the grove really helps increase spin time. The response is also fantastic it gives nice consistent snappy binds. The finger spin hubs are great too but I’ll get into that more later. It has a little vibe but with tuning it a little it’s pretty smooth.


The play is really good it’s not a metal yoyo but it is stable long spinning and overall really good. It feels nice solid on the string while still being floaty overall. It’s just so much fun! I can’t stop reaching for it. If I look at it I have to pick it up and play with it. I can’t even really explain why it’s just a great experience to play with. The finger spins are awesome. It’s just difficult enough to fingerspin to where it keeps it fun and interesting to catch it but once you do land it it spins forever. I just love it.


Just go buy it already! It’s 20 bucks of pure fun. It’s not the best performing yoyo ever but it’s good enough. I can go through long combos with it with no problem. Like I said before I can’t stop throwing it. With yoyos in general if I look at one on my shelf I just have to take it down and play with it but with this it’s even more so. It’s just a fun yoyo that helps you stop taking yoyoing so seriously and just have fun with it. I love my diplomat and it’s my go to yoyo If I’m going to try and learn a hard trick or something but it’s just uncomfortable to throw after a while. I just get sorta bored with it after awhile. But with the speedaholic with some fat long kitty string I could throw it for hours and have fun it’s just a really comfortable yoyo that you should go buy like right now!

Tell me what you think of it and if you have any questions feel free to ask.