Another Painted 201!

Ok, so I used blue/black paint to do a 2 tone 201.

The rims are crappy, So don’t try to tell me that haha
By born2curl at 2010-07-06
By born2curl at 2010-07-06

It came out really nice but I wanted something more “flashy”. I was going to do a blue on black splash on one side, and a black on blue splash on one side, but I ran out of blue in the process, hence the fact that I have red paint on the black side.
By born2curl at 2010-07-06
By born2curl at 2010-07-06

Please comment and tell me what I can do better :slight_smile:

That is awesome. Nice job. :wink:

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Water vs. Fire

Dude, you should make one in the Avatar colors…

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Your wish shall be granted :slight_smile:

Really nice job! I really like seeing these Fast 201’s you keep painting. If you could make a lime green with yellow splash, that would be so amazing! Really good job, keep it up, and I hope to see more! :wink:

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I have to get some more paint but I will be getting some glow paint…

Did you just get the Fast’s online, or do you have a place where you can buy them cheap?

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These are just actually 2 I have had for a long time. i bought one on [another store] and one was given to me.

Don’t go out of your way to bother. I was just saying. :wink:

I have to get some bright vibrant colors… orange… yellow… green. like super bright.

I know, don’t spend more money just because someone just wants you to make some colorway. Save your money! But really nice paint jobs! I think you did a excellent job.

Keep up the great work. ;D

I am thinking I will paint the whole thing black and have the arrows on each half… hmmm…

I just got bright orange paint so I may use that. I also got chalkboard paint…
du du dum…

To help with the crappy rim problem, maybe try using a darker blue. Should work. :wink:

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I just stripped both side and am repainting them right now. Then using a layer of laqour.