Painted 201 Caps and FAST 201~

Some 201 caps Gizzyo and I made. The laquour didn’t crack the paint on the splash ones for some reason, but did on the fade ones (which is why I don’t have a pic of the fade ones.)
So here we go.

(these caps are FS/FT!)
By born2curl at 2010-06-29

Here is a 201 that I screwed around with while armed with spray paint :stuck_out_tongue: It came out like someone died then was burned X.x Kinda creeps me out.
By born2curl at 2010-06-29
By born2curl at 2010-06-29
By born2curl at 2010-06-29

Those are awesome! :wink:

Just updated it… :smiley:

Epic Win, I want it! Lol, we did a good job with those caps.

Yeah, and the 201 itself came out pretty messed up!

The 201 looks like it is gore and blood. Lol. :smiley:

Yeah, and on one half there is a hint of black, so it kind of ruins it ! :stuck_out_tongue:

The yoyo kinda scares me.

Why did you insist of painting the outside of the cap and not the inside?

#1. I have a laqour finish and it protects the yoyo, infact I did an aerial and landed on pavement and I have 2 small dents in the plastic.

#2. I couldn’t get the starburst things out.

Like what you did to the response system.