Recessed and painted w/ color shifting paint FHZ

These pix do nothing for the paint on this, but you get the idea…I hope ;D

I’ll have to take some when the sun comes back out to play.

Who painted that?

I did :wink:

That is literally the best paint job I’ve ever seen.

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You should see it spinning in the sun…its very pretty, LOL!!!

Can you make a video then? :o :o :o


I’m going to have to wait until the sun comes back out, its going to rain the rest of the weekend here in NEPA. I’ll see what I can do once the weather is better.

that is awsome! ;D

did you paint the caps?

Oh god no, I’m good, but not that good, LOL!! I just cut playing cards to fit under the caps, I thought it was a nice touch to the look of the Yo ;D

You should paint the caps too

The next one I do I plan on painting all of it. I’ll prob order another one soon and I might even sell it.

Very nice. pog art is good too. At least you used the suicide King! lol

I’m so happy someone saw that, it was all part of the plan, LOL!!!