another name for suicides?


just something i’ve been thinking about recently. if there already is an answer here, please let me know!

i’ve been working on suicides pretty thoroughly over the last little while. recently a very close friend lost a family member who committed suicide. while over he was just asking me to show some stuff i’ve been working on as of late with the yoyo, so i started showing some of the suicides. he’s not familiar with yoyo in general, so he was asking the names. as you can likely understand i was a little reluctant to tell him i was working on suicides. on the spot, the best thing i could come up with is calling them “swoops.” hate the sound of that, but it’s what i call them now if certain people ask for lack of something better.

so i’m just wondering, does anyone else think it might be wise to come up with a uniform alternative name for suicides? or know of one that’s already present? i’m aware that the name come from its sister trick on the diabolo and that it’s well ingrained to trick culture. i’m not saying we should swap the name out, i just think it would be a good idea to have a uniform alternative that players could use if they’d rather not call them suicides. sort of like atomic bomb and barrel rolls are basically interchangeable names for the same trick.

thoughts? ideas? i’ve looked around quite a bit and never seen any alternative names to it, so i thought i’d ask.


Catch and release? (Get it like fishing… =P )

Man this is harder then I thought…

(Jei Cheetah) #3

Suicide is the official term, and while I understand the reluctant use of the term, it is what it is.

Similar in the diabolo community. We have tricks called “genocides”, and yeah, some people don’t like the term, but the thing is, we werent the ones who gave it the name, someone else did, and thats what it is.



dont know but i call it suicide!