Need a Name for this trick?

I made a Trick Like Hardcore Mex’s Double or Nothing Suicide, So you go int to a Houdini Mount, but go around you throwhand pointer twice then land it Normaly, then spread the mini trapeze loop then suicide it and Catch it in a Mini Hidedemasa(SP) Hook. Help me name it. I will make a Tut if you want.

name it RISER just sounds cool lol

make a tut

imagine a couple of terrorists that decided to play a practical joke on one of their terrorist friends who was about to be a suicide bomber. Instead of explosives they pack in confetti into his pipe-bomb jacket. The suicide bomber runs out into the croud yelling at the top of his lungs, presses the detonator and poof instant surprise birthday party!
so how about a name like confetti suicide surprise!

maybe not.

Dan, I like it, but I don’t think confetti, suicide, and surprise really fit, I like Suicide Suprise though :-. I was thinking Homicide Hook. (BTW, And I’ll make a tut.)

Make it the roast beef roundup!

Was that the slack trick you were showing me at the indy meet on saturday?
how about “im a slacker.”

I named that slack trick Poodle Escape. I am definately makeing a “I’m a Slacker” T-Shirt with a basic slack pic.