Annoying Problems

I got a yoyojam classic for my first yoyo, but the string is too long, it’s sometimes unresponsive when it’s on the end and the finger hole is too large, it flew off my finger when I was doing the muscle-throw. Please Help.

  1. Do you know how to do the slipknot? That will hold the tension on your finger pretty well.
  2. Cut the string to the proper length
  3. If you want it to be responsive, lube with a thicker oil.
  4. look through the “Learn” section at the top, it will help with a lot of questions

String too long - shorten it. Make a new slip knot loop (see below).
Loop too big - that’s the loop for the slip knot. Run the string through it to form the slip knot. Tighten slip knot on your finger.