Annoyance with friends


Hey, I’ve got some friends that i meet with every week and i have introduced yo-yoing to them. Last week i brought my new popstar. I told them it was metal and they said it wasn’t. now i know it is aluminum but that is still a metal and no matter what i said they wouldn’t believe me. And another time i was showing one of them barrel rolls and he said it wasn’t barrel rolls it was atomic bomb. So I asked him what the difference was as a bit of a test and he said look it up. So that kinda annoyed me. i was just wondering if you guys have had any instances like that.


Barrel rolls is another name for atomic bomb, but most people call it atomic bomb. There is another trick called barrel rolls though.


I’m betting the reason why your friends don’t think the Popstar is metal is because of the anodize.


If you dont care abut your popstar just dinbg it really hard then they will believe you. But really just tell them to go to the popstar on this website. And tell them it doesnt matter what trick it is, its a trick.

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Just yoyo.

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hit him in the face with the popstar and ask him if it feels like metal.


The whole trick thing didn’t annoy be that much. Bet the popstar thing was annoying because I just got it and it was my first full metal. I did have a very small scratch on it and tried to show it to them but they still wouldn’t agree with me.




I agree YES!!!




Get better friends.

Get more yoyos.

Life is good!


get better friends, these ones seem pretty useless

I’ve seen smarter random street haters

also, don’t get annoyed at such idiotic comments, you’ll make your life unbearable for no reason. You obviously are better than these folks, just move on and hang with better people.


best idea ever. Or instead of slamming it, do an eli hop

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Either your friends are trying to annoy you, or they are idiots.


I wouldnt go to such extremes as to ditch them. I mean they are generally nice. I guess they are just naive in their newness to yoyoing.


The word retarded shouldn’t be used in that kind of concept. A “retard” is just a highly offensive term for someone who has problems communicating or mixing in with society due to their genes or something happening at birth. Using retard like that would mean that something as tragic as being born with some problems is wrong, and that those kind of people do not belong. Instead, just call them “idiots” which is not offensive to people who actually had something wrong during birth.


I agree but couldn’t this have been a PM.

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its official.