Ann Connolly Double Green Triangle knot

I keep landing in a knot.  What am I doing wrong?

You don’t sashay :wink:

Is it not a magic knot? As in it will just pull out. Just pull both sides of the string and it’ll just pop out.

No it’s a real knot!

Try popin out da back. That’s the only way this works for me.

This is the basic version. I never did the one you linked, I might try it, it’s a bit flashier.
The wiki one is no more difficult than a wrist mount.

Edit: Just did this one, pretty straightforward.

I also got a knot popping out the back.

I find it actually works as described in Ann’s video.

Magic Knots can turn into real knots if your string is fuzzy or if your string tension is to tight.

Hmm, Kinda hard to tell from your video but maybe double check that you are doing the step where you roll the yoyo onto the string correctly. Looks like you might be landing on the wrong string.

Am I supposed to land on a string? I thought I was just supposed to wrap around the yoyo. It’s weird, I did the trick right 2 times but I don’t know what I did differently versus the 50 failures.

Yes I think you are supposed to land on the same string that you grab to roll the yoyo with.

Yep just did the trick again to confirm. When you roll, land on the string closest to your body.

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Did that help at all?

I can do the trick now, thank you!

Awesome! Happy to help! This is a really fun trick :+1::blush:

I like this trick better

Yeah that one is great too. That is actually one of the first tricks I ever learned. recently did an updated tutorial of that trick with Ann. They added a couple things to the trick as well it’s pretty cool :sunglasses:.

Can you private message me the site?

It’s the same site that sells the atlas and canon.

Is it also called “double green triangle”?