Anglam CC vs Onedrop Code 2

Which one do you think is better? I don’t know which one to get.

I know I have posted a poll already but I just wanted to know which was better, and if the Anglam CC is worth the extra money. I would also like to hear your suggestions of any yoyos you think are better than the Anglam CC or Code 2.

I’ve never played either of them, but judged by the praise that people give the normal Anglam I’d certainly go with that if money was not an issue.

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Get the code 2. It is a really nice competition grade yoyo and when I threw the Anglam I just didn’t find it to be “amazing”. This is just one mans opinion. And a fairly priced code 2 is just the BST away.

I prefer the Anglam CC to the CODE 2 but not really sure if it’s worth paying almost double for.


I think the Anglam CC plays better, but it’s not necessarily worth the premium price.

The CODE2 still plays nice and I’m a big fan of Side Effects. Out of the SE equipped yoyos I actually prefer the CODE1, Cascade and Toxic HazMat to the CODE2.

If you want all out performance the Sleipnir, Berserker and Irony JP are all top players that immediately come to mind, with the latter being the best value.

Just pick based on which looks best to you… go with your gut

One off topic one on topic comment

off topic- i find it funny j rod moved the post being that he designed the code 2

On topic- i really like the code 2 might get another and ill buy se’s to see my preferance

Never found Anglam(or other Something yo-yos) to somehow outplay other brands, so in my opinion, CODE2 is fine choice and Anglam CC is not worth extra money

I must, respectfully, disagree with that statement with regards to the Anglam.

The Anglam is one of those special yo-yo’s that does outperform most other throws. I think too many people get caught-up in the “is it worth all that money?” question and forget that what they are really asking is “how much better is it than all the other throws that cost less?”. The point is the superiority of the Anglam, not the comparison in price/value.

Just my opinion though. :slight_smile:

When I want to spend over 200$ on yo-yo, I would go for something really superior like Turning Point Isotope. Never found Anglam to be on same level.

Haven’t tried an Isotope so I can’t really comment but if it’s better than the Anglam then I’ve got to get my hands on one!