Andrew Maider and Michael Ferdico - Friendly Fire

It’s nicer in HD. Hope you enjoy!

Really nice. Crazy body wraps. Great video!




Excellent video. Really good editing and amazing skills.

Um…I was AMAMZED!!!
Great job, guys!

Birdman you cray cray.

And the worst bit is that most yoyoers don’t even know who you are :’(


Thanks, everyone! I’m glad people like the edit. It’s a little bit different from the norm and I wasn’t sure how it’d go over.

Dang it you guys are good!

Awesome video!

It looks like Andrew likes that Cliff Andre gave him!

Micheal! Great job.

Blown away by both of them, so many great tricks and so fun to watch.

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One of the best yoyoing videos this year.

Incredible tricks, incredible style, incredible video overall.

That blew me away.

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OMG!! I’m in a swag coma!!! Lol loved it Mike and Andrew.



Wow. that was amazing…

how long did those skills take to master?

I’ve been jojoing for ~10 years on and off, and I think Andrew has for around 4.

Super, super awesome to hear everyone’s feedback. You don’t know how happy it makes me. :slight_smile:

Still pretty good!

I mean after whatching it so many times it is still soooo good