Andre bouley

I want to know andre bouleys yoyoexpert name

You pretty much said it for yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

His username is YoYoExpert. ;D

He isn’t on much, but he is very helpful. :wink:

umm…124 posts in one day?? :o

He hasn’t posted today or yesterday as far as I know… So how would you know who he is?

What’s wrong with that? :slight_smile:

I have add to the computer, and I Yo-Yo, so computer + Yo-Yo = YoYoExpert.Com!

I came off of YYN, so I’d know my way around.

his name is just YoYoExpert like jamfam says. lol so you know its him when YoYoExpert posts lol

Just teasing you :smiley: - and your replies are helping people out, so the more the merrier.