Andre boulay

I see Andre and you are very good friends, from my experience, friends (and yoyo) are the best cure for manic depression, and I wnated to ask, did Andre help you with your depression?


Hmm I guess its not a topic I ever directly talked about. But I look at him for inspiration, since I literally learned a lot of my yoyo tricks from him in the beginning. I also watched him go from making tutorials online to building one of the best yoyo stores in the world, yet he is still the most down to earth person ever who is still relatable. I think that alone has helped me think about the person I aspire to be like, and that has indirectly helped me through some of my personal issues.


Amazing! Not everyone has someone like this in their life. I hope that the fact I made you talk about that topic didn’t make you feel uncomfortable.:grin::grimacing:

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