Andre Boulay vids


am i the only one who had no idea that the guy in the tut vids was Andre Boulay? i never knew what he looked like


we all had to learn it at some point or another… hes a really great guy


Yes and he still goes to contest. He checked people in at Mwc he signed my dmII.


Didn’t know who he was until I saw the videos. Still didn’t know until I did some additional research. Serious. I got into yoyo by saying “I want to learn to yoyo, I need to go get a yoyo.”, and then I went out and got a yoyo at a toy store.

There don’t seem to be a massive amount of other videos. There’s the Oepration Dark Magic I and II, and a single performance video. There’s also this Andre vs. Mickey video but I personally don’t care for that one.

Funny thing, it was the trading card included in my first YYE order.