And I thought Luftverk had great quality control?

But then again…. I guess one slips by now and again🙀

000…….000……000……000……and 000<>What?!

Obviously, the black 000 is just an in-Vayder :flushed:


Does the 000 with the ceramic bearing have polished rims?


I Shutter to think there could be more!


Clearly they outsource their outstanding QC to other places with the 000 stamp. In fact, I think I own a guitar that was QC-ed by them.


Slightly rounded and lightly polished rims/yes.

The AMS was the first off my small 000 collection.

As an integral part of Luftverks’ no frills concept, Jeffrey deliberately left the rims with some pretty ‘sharp’ corners. One of the very few times I felt Luftverk leaned into the negative by letting artistic conceptual design have more importance than a more ergonomic and functional aspect.

In my custom cars and Harleys experience, we have an old saying> ‘When in doubt round it out’.

If you cannot justify any performance advantage to an edge in a design, get rid of it.

When painting just about Any car or motorcycle, edges have the thinnest layer of paint. So for somebody that loves to wax and/or polish their car like crazy, thicker paint will wear longer. And shapes without sharp corners just flow better and feel better.

So, based on my (personal) experiences built over decades of doing things to things, it was only natural for me to immediately identify something that needed ‘my attention’. Most people maybe don’t even care and are always willing to donate fresh blood to a worthy cause.

Homie don’t play that.

….So, I softened up the edges while being very careful to not shave off any more weight than necessary.

Much better(to me). Obviously I have several 000’s now. Two are slightly modded and two are dead stock. (I have another 000 floating around somewhere😳/it is also stock).

I will throw the stock ones now and then. And I still don’t like the edges. But I have adjusted my mind and my catch to adapt to the shape.

My criticism didn’t bother Jeffrey much. The shape was his vision and he was happy with it.

My caveat was that, that’s fine if you are the only one playing your own design. But when you are selling dozens to other people, it’s better to lean slightly less on concept and slightly more on end used ergonomics.

Jeffrey is a good friend and certainly a yo-yo making genius. And a pretty good trick machine.

No big deal…


Thanks for the explanation Doc!

They are some of the sharpest rims around, right up there with the Throwdown Luchador.

I’d love to see how a edgeless 000 would feel in play but I don’t think I could bring myself to do it to mine, or even physically do so!

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I will mod yours for nothing, lol.

No big deal

No kidding