And another.

I’m still confused and don’t understand how will you make the string untwist when you are done twisting it!. (I mean after you drill it.) and what knot now will you knot the string?, i mean after it was drilled & twisted (Overhand, shoestring, slipknot etc., I just know knot tying because of Pathfinder! :))

Can someone here make a video please! (Just the whole process on how to make the string untwist, I use the Thickest string of Sewing thread out here, Picture’s soon.)

Xela’s video is really helpful. You can learn all you need to know from that video:

Yes, watch that video. To make it untwist, you give it slack. For string making though, you want to make sure to put the strings that are on both anchors next to each other so that the string is doubled over itself, but make sure to hold both ends securely. Then, with the weight in the middle of those two strings, let go of that side and the string will begin twisting around itself.