string knot?

i am planning to make my own string and i was watching some videos and i see to start off you need to make tie a knot on the first hook. not many videos show what type of knot to tie on the hook. my question here is what type of knot are you supposed to tie on the first hook? also, does it matter the way you tie it?
thanks :wink:

I would say as long as holds, it’s good. I would recommend a figure-8 knot.

There is a really basic knot that I use that holds really well, is very easy to tie, and that is very fast to tie.

It’s a video I’ve been meaning to make and I think that will be today’s project. Watch this post :slight_smile:

So I see that there are different knots you can use to tie on the first hook before you go back and forth from the first hook to the drill. Does it really matter what knot you use to tie on the first hook?does the string result the same no matter what knot you use. ???

The knot doesn’t matter, as long as it holds. It’s just that some knots take much less time to tie than others

Alright I have one more string making question. So I’ve heard some people say that the first time you twist the string, the drill spinns clockwise, but when you fold it over the hook, you spin counter clockwise is this correct/true?

If you’re looking from the back of the drill to the front of the drill, you should be twisting it clockwise. On the second spin, it should be counterclockwise.

So by second spin, do you mean once it is folded over the hook?


Yet another question haha. Sorry I’m asking so many questions u guys r probably getting annoyed. Anyways um I was watching a video on how to make string, and they only twisted it once. How is that possible and would anyone recommend that method? ??? If you guys wanted to watch the video type in how to make yoyo string on YouTube and it is the video by emomikey. Oh ya and could someone please explain to me how this twisting once method works.

I wouldn’t follow anything from that tutorial, really. Not a good way to set up a rig.

But anyways, you don’t need to use a drill on the second twist. Anything that will keep the string taunt and allow it to spin will work.

Ye but from what I understand is that you still need to twist it the second time and I’ve heard that the drill and dremel work best. :wink: correct me if I’m wrong plz :slight_smile:

I use a fishing swivel, which works much better than a drill.

Oh ok thank you. So the second twist doesn’t need as much twisting than the first one?

Twist it until it stops twisting. I’d highly recommend picking up some fishing swivels.