Ancho's Trick

Here’s the Video

Now, if one of you can do it please make a good tut. I’m pretty sure this trick will help me with Cal State 09

Actually, its spelled with “Ando” not “ancho”

Happy Throwing! =]

Ancho is John Andos nickname since his days on THP.

Most people call him Ando now but Ancho was his old nickname.

As for the trick, hmmmm I will try to figure it out and make a tut for it.



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I actually thought that one was just fine, I learned it from that vid. The last angle is what did it for me. What are you having trouble with?

The part where you throw it and the string gets under your arm. When I try to do the part where land the string and then move your arms out my yo-yo always start leaning. When I try doing that without being too fancy then the yo-yo hits the base and spins out.