An extremely underated yoyo

Ok so the hspin gorylla is absolutely amazing, so why is it not popular? I prefer it over many high end throws

H-Spin is a high-end company…

I know but the gorylla is only like 60$

what “other” hi end throws" do you have to compare it to?

And the fact that hspin no longer exists.

So is the yeah 3!


Puffin, nova, y factor, bad rep, dingo, i have some more i cant thing of :confused:

oh yeahh! Yeah 3 is amazing!!

Price does not determine quality.


Don’t forget the up near a hundred you’ve tried at club.

Lol tru

C3 h5xcheif , yoyoofficer aura, yyf super nova lite, yyf Boss, c3 scepter(I think that’s how you spell it), yyf loop 360, Duncan freebird, Duncan momentum, blood brother yoyos, alechemy yoyos, dream yo, yyf tactic, yyj pinnicle, yyf starbrite, yyf dienasty, yyf counter attack, bist square yoyo,


Exit 8.

magic yo probly

I have $50 in the best 6 yoyos I’ve got. MYY. Maybe I said it wrong?


Anything 3yo3. Especially the Al5. :slight_smile:

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I shouldnt of traded my pyro light

The General Yo Essence is one of the most underrated yoyos of all time. That thing is absolutely INCREDIBLE.

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I still want to know what people have against the gorylla