AMA Giveaway Winner - and a general question to the yoyo community!


Thank you for all the questions, it was a lot of fun to answer them. I have been trying to balance a new job and running Luftverk smoothly so this was a nice fun break from that!


The yoyo I am giving away is my personal player. It has two little love marks on it and isn’t perfect - but it was my everyday carry to work until recently. It will come with normal Luftverk packaging.

Here is the winning question! YoyoSpirit please DM me your address (or reach me on any other sources of social media) :slight_smile:

I am really grateful to be in a position where I have strong manufacturing ties and a connection with this awesome community. Now here is my question for all of you:

What sort of product would interest you, or is missing in the current yoyo market? If you were in a situation where you could create a product for the community, what do you think you would do? Injection molded? Delrin? What excites you?

This is such an important question because it potentially helps me churn up ideas for future projects that can help this community out with what they really want.

Thank you for all the love - Garrett also has some awesome prizes to give out so stay tuned!


Congratulations @yoyospirit !!! Great question


Oh wut, we get a prize? Awesome haha. And to answer your question, if I were to make a yoyo for the community, I actually already did get to! The second run of the Independents were exactly what I wanted. I really liked the FHZ as a player, and love the Freehand MG, but as we know the MG is ridiculously expensive and rare. So I wanted to make the next best thing, one out of aluminum for a fairly cheap price. To answer the question in another way, in the future, I hope to see another version of the Dark Magic yoyo. The Dark Magic is a yoyo Andre used to teach generations of throwers, to see a modern version made from delrin with weight rings would be awesome. The Dark Magic 2 was what was supposed to be a great modern Dark Magic, but I felt it fell fairly short. The Solid Spin system was honestly a bust and I felt the yoyo paled in comparison to the original.


Congrats man!


Smooth white delrin never disappoints

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Sorry for the delay everyone! Here’s the runner up winners!

Skyva Prize Pack:

$10 YYE Gift Cards:





Winners will receive a message later today. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Congratulations everyone!

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Thanks YYE and JPang!

I am sure I am not alone in saying that the interaction with Jeffrey was both interesting and entertaining.

Great job!