Am I doing this correctly?

Hey everyone, I am wondering If I am doing this front mount correctly.
I have only been throwing a few days, and went unresponsive yesterday, so please go easy on me.

Sorry about the quality, its my macbook pros webcam, I don’t have another camera, is there any cheap cameras out there you would recommend?

Thanks to everyone that views this to help me.

It looks fine, although not many tricks come from that. I would recommend learning the split bottom mount next! Good luck!

That’s definitely correct.

And your accent is AWESOME. Love English accents. Sounds much cooler than our american accents do.

you did it right good job. and i love the accent i have spent years perfecting mine and have even fooled the real english.

Thank you all. I can do other mounts/tricks, I just wasn’t too sure if that one was correct.

And thanks for the accent comments! I’m so used to it though, I think American accents are cool! Strange how people always like different ones to their own :D.

Yeah. That’s generally the way it goes it seems. It’s a bloody good time hearing accents different from what we hear on a daily basis (trying make you feel more comfortable by using your country’s slang, haha).

Haha, I do use the word bloody quite a lot! I just learnt the split bottom mount, and for some reason I found that one a bit difficult, but got there in the end.

From there you’ll want to do Mach 5 and boingy boing. Boingy boing is a beast to learn though, I’ll just warn you.

I’l try mach 5 and booing boing then. Just so I know, where would you go after I learn them trick wise?

I would start trying side mount tricks

Warning, Ive been yo-yoing and boeing e boeing motion is kinda frustrating. Took me a LONG time to get down. Even still I have to focus. Mach 5 is awesome, and if you have a response yoyo, I would say stop an go is cool.
but I agree with going to side mount tricks next. That’s what I did tool oh and brain twiter if you don’t know that already.

^ yep. Brain twister and keychain, and side mount stuff. Trapeze, trapeze and his brother. 1.5 (Buddhas Revenge is awesome, comes from that mount). There are some great tricks out of Houdini mount as well.