alpha crash

I cant get my bearing of my new alpha crash(great yoyo by the way)
And I want to change bearing how to get it off?

I just put some paper towel around the bearing (to protect it) and use a pair of pliers to gently work the bearing off. I’ve saw this done on some vids my some of the main throw companies, and some didn’t even use anything between the pliers and the bearing! But I do, especially (!) when I need to use pliers to remove a KonKave bearing.

It doesnt work

What I would do (if the spacer is attached) is, get a paper towel, put it over the bearing (as not to damage it) and use the blade of a knife to pop the spacer off. Then, (if you have one) use a YYF Multi-Tool to get the bearing off. I find this the most useful way.

Maybe it’s not supposed to come off. ???

Can someone that have a alpha crash answer me?

The bearing should pop right out (it does for both of mine). If not, use a pair of pliers or a bearing removal tool.

If the axle is in the way, you need pliers. If your pliers don’t work, you have the wrong kind of pliers.

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:smiley: what he said^^^^

For size C bearings, a “Yoyo tool” (whatever they’re called!) has a small tube that will go inside the bearing and you can work the bearing off with it.