bearing help plz help mee plz reply

How do you take your bearing off your yoyo. Ive tried a knife which i almost killed myself and tried banging it on a table. Is it because i lubed it

                                               plz reply


Grip the bearing and wiggle it off gently.

Why did you bang it on a table? D:
GM is correct.

If you don’t want to hurt it with pilers, but pilers would work, but if you don’t, put a rubber band around it, or a thin towel or fabric around it, and then grasp it, and wiggle using a little force. :wink:

Pliers won’t hurt it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some would.

I’ve heard a ceramic KonKave got broken easily with a pair of pliers. :slight_smile:

Hmm interesting.
I guess i won’t be getting a ceramic KK then. :slight_smile:
Thanks dawg.