konkave bearing help


hi i need help getting my koncave out of my dv888 without using pliers


If it’s loose try to wriggle it out with your fingers… If it’s really stuck you’ll have to use pliers. If you have the right pliers with the hole to take out the bearing you won’t break your bearing. Wrap the plier slightly around the bearing and wriggle it a little until it comes out. Hope this helps!


Why can’t you use pliers?

(JM) #4

Try this:

  1. Take the yo-yo apart
  2. Put a piece of string in the bearing seat, wrapped around the post (on the side the bearing is NOT in)
  3. Screw the yo-yo back together as normal.
  4. Take the yo-yo apart again
  5. The bearing should be on the side with the string
  6. Now all you have to do is pull on the string and the bearing will lift free

If this method doesn’t work, you’ll have to use pliers.


if your worried about scratching your bearing or yoyo, take an old t-shirt or something like that and put the around the bearing first.