Alomst Decided

Okay pretty close to deciding

1) Velocity:
I have questions, does it come with other dial colors(Trans blue looks wierd with green dials and also does anybody have a picture of the Ice Body / Black Dial / Clear Core one from yyn?

  1. Speeder:
    I hear this cracks easily, is this true?

  2. X-ConVict
    Don’t have any questions about it

  3. Stripped G5
    Is it better to get a stripped one becuase of the less cost?

  4. G5
    Is the one from theyostore or should I pay $5 more for the one here(Or are they the same?) Also Should I spend all my money for it, also I’ve never had/played an all metal yoyo is that a problem(I’ve used a DM a couple times)

  5. Veloctity+Speeder
    Should I get both?

  6. Velocity Vict
    Should I get both?

Forgot I was considering it, good for 60$ ?

Okay so my budget today is about 68-73$, but by Friday 89-104$ and depending which parents house I’am at Saturday 99-119$, if I wanted I could trade a Starbucks giftcard for cash that gives me 10$ extra, I’m not wanting to spend it all. (P.S I have ipod nano 3rd generation, psp and psp stuff to sell pm me sorry for not posting in bst section)

Also I am getting Thick/Thin Shims no matter what, and also Stripped G5 I would buy stacks, Velocity if they dont come with different colored dials I would buy some(If I can find),mand if I get vict I would get yyj silicone o rings, also considering some new string(I dont need any) either g string or chaos string(expensive) and also looking at bearings but not a need. Also the Heavy spinner box is the case I want, but It holds like 10x more yoyos I have but is it a good investment?

Please help me, and post any comments you have or any ideas!

I also wanna choose as soon as possible!

I’ll answer atleast a few of your questions as good as I possibly can: The Velocity is as mentioned a lot of times a really good pick. It can really grow with you. And yes, I actually do believe that it’s possible to buy a spare set of dials. If not, contact YYF and see if they can help you out. YYF has great customer service from what I have heard, so you will probably get one from there.

Yes the Speeder does have the possibility of cracks. And it is still a good pick. But the thing about the Speeder is that it has to fit you. If you end up not liking the shape of it, you will just have a yoyo that you’ve barely touched. And to get beack on those cracks: It has been known to crack. But I believe that it will last you a long time if you don’t bang it into stuff all the time.

The G5, another one of YYFs top-notch metals. I’m not sure if it’s your best pick. A velocity actually has a shape which is a bit familiar with it. So if you buy the Velocity first, you will get a feel for it and you will see if you like the shape. And you will save up money for a YYF metal when/if you get tired of your Velocity. The stripped G5 doe snot come with stacks, but you can buy those here. I also think that the stripped one is pretty much out of stock everywhere.

If you want to get a Velocity together with a metal-rimmed, there will be absolutely so problem in that. Then you will just end up getting two great yoyos instead of one.

Addment: Every single one of your choices are great. But I think it would be a better idea to get a Velocity (add a metal-rimmed if you want) and see if you like the shape, size, weight and feel.

This is a pretty complicated question, and I’ll try to give a relatively simple answer.

All metal-rimmed YYJ’s have had a history of cracking at the nipples, but its nothing that effects play. My DM is cracked in some pretty bizarre places, but there’s no problems with it, its still a great player.

The stripped G5 is a great bargain. You should absolutely get it + a plastic or metal-rimmed because two yoyos is more fun that one prettier yoyo.

So, out of your choices, I think that Stripped G5 + Vict or Velocity (Depending on your preference/budget) would be the best buy.

Okay I think stripped g5 + vict together is outta my range also I hear more of the speeder craking easier than others thats true?

I am now crossing velocity off my list now

I do believe due to the shape and stuff they are more liable to cracking, as were the HG series and the Mini-Motu.

Okay I’m either getting a Vict or M1

If I get Vict I’m gonna get the white one and order today

If I get m1 I’m gonna get all green unless new stock comes and I would order Friday

I’m thinking M1 and looking around for some money, I have $59 cash with me and need $65, I have enough for the Vict though