Hey guys! I just finished my new video that was shot in Hawaii, and thought I would share. =) I would highly appreciate some constructive criticism, what you liked, what not. Thanks a lot, and enjoy the video!

-Grant J.


Welcome to the forum Grant!

Amazing video!


Grant’s on the forum now guys.

Lets get him

/grabs pitchfork

EDIT: Right, I forgot, great video :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha Samad.

Awesome video! Honestly, I didn’t see anything good. Goo variety, good string visibility, good tricks.

Too bad you suck at yoyoing. :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding.


Nice video and awesome tricks :wink:

kinda makes me miss hawaii now


It seems to me like no one is going with this pitchfork idea.

I used to know you guys, but now… sigh



Rawr? Haha.

Oh and welcome Grant.


Yay Grant is here!!! Nice vid man really liked it. :wink:


nice video
nice to meet you at national

(Mark) #10

WIN and Ultraman WIN.


amazing video makes me want to go to hawaii now

(Gorrilla_YO) #12

LOL I was here for the past 3 weeks
Big Island, Hilton Waikaloa Resort, Kona.
I swear i saw you!!! I saw someone throwing, but i didn’t know whether it was you or not. I thought it was some ordinary yoyo player.

Nice resort isn’t it, monorail, dolphin encounter, Buddha point, 2 pools one with a slide/bridge and the open ocean, i go there every year.

Looks like you enjoyed your stay
Awesome Video and welcome to the forums ;D

(202andrew) #13

beastly :slight_smile:

(SR) #14

Just awesome. Welcome to the Forums btw!


REALLY cool vid! Welcome to the forums! ;D


STILL no support for getting him.

Now I just look stupid holding a pitchfork and torch.

(JackG) #17

that is like a mini vacation
nice music
and great tricks


Is there reason to have a pitchforks and a torch?

Anyway, Super awesome video, welcome to the forums!

Happy Throwing! =]

(Zer0) #19

ive got my pitchfork
And Grant… You are a terrible yoyoer who’s tricks are so simple and boring it entertains none because you are weird.(i meant the exact opposite of that so dont hurt me with your looping)

(JackG) #20

All Troops… ATTACK!!!
aei aei!!!