Hey guys! I just finished my new video that was shot in Hawaii, and thought I would share. =) I would highly appreciate some constructive criticism, what you liked, what not. Thanks a lot, and enjoy the video!

-Grant J.

Welcome to the forum Grant!

Amazing video!

Grant’s on the forum now guys.

Lets get him

/grabs pitchfork

EDIT: Right, I forgot, great video :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha Samad.

Awesome video! Honestly, I didn’t see anything good. Goo variety, good string visibility, good tricks.

Too bad you suck at yoyoing. :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding.

Nice video and awesome tricks :wink:

kinda makes me miss hawaii now

It seems to me like no one is going with this pitchfork idea.

I used to know you guys, but now… sigh


Rawr? Haha.

Oh and welcome Grant.

Yay Grant is here!!! Nice vid man really liked it. :wink:

nice video
nice to meet you at national

WIN and Ultraman WIN.

amazing video makes me want to go to hawaii now

LOL I was here for the past 3 weeks
Big Island, Hilton Waikaloa Resort, Kona.
I swear i saw you!!! I saw someone throwing, but i didn’t know whether it was you or not. I thought it was some ordinary yoyo player.

Nice resort isn’t it, monorail, dolphin encounter, Buddha point, 2 pools one with a slide/bridge and the open ocean, i go there every year.

Looks like you enjoyed your stay
Awesome Video and welcome to the forums ;D

beastly :slight_smile:

Just awesome. Welcome to the Forums btw!

REALLY cool vid! Welcome to the forums! ;D

STILL no support for getting him.

Now I just look stupid holding a pitchfork and torch.

that is like a mini vacation
nice music
and great tricks

Is there reason to have a pitchforks and a torch?

Anyway, Super awesome video, welcome to the forums!

Happy Throwing! =]

ive got my pitchfork
And Grant… You are a terrible yoyoer who’s tricks are so simple and boring it entertains none because you are weird.(i meant the exact opposite of that so dont hurt me with your looping)

All Troops… ATTACK!!!
aei aei!!!