YoYoing In The Great Outdoors


So yes I decided to make a new video.
Here it is, sorry for the REALLY close up views.
But great vids comming soon! So think of this as a teaser.  :wink:

Constructive criticisim(spelling?) welcome.

(P.S. if anyone knows how to make a video play on the full sized screen, plz give me a tutorial of some sort)


Its official, you’re in my top 10 favorite players! :smiley:


That was awesome Gary!

Happy Throwing! =]

(Infinite Chaos) #4

Absolutely sick! No other words to describe it. Keep on throwing! :smiley:

(Mitch) #5


Awesome regen combo even with the slight slip at the end,

Yuuki Slack in slo mo is awesome!

Sweet ninja skills,

and uh… Nice… Um… tower… I guess


I think the music really finished it all off


thatnks for the comments guys!

(J. Lev) #8

Good throwing, good music.

Lay off on the WMM effects a bit. They can get annoying… but very nice video.

(SR) #9

You are very good! Keep it up! Nice video.


Glad to see more Bucket Head Fans out there


This grind at 44 secs are really impressive … never managed to do it …

can’t wait for the new vid