All who remember or have been yoyoing long enough to know THP get in here

It saddens me that the biggest yoyo boom in history happened during THP when over 50 million yoyos were sold in 1999, but now THP is almost comletely forgotten. Though I was only 3 or 4 when the boom happened, I still get nostalgic from time to time.



ah, I remember that. I was there for it, although I was only 7yrs old. I do remember also that McDonalds was giving out free yomegas with happy meals around the same time. I still have a few of them. Mainly it was because of that that I yoyo today. I yoyo’d kinda when I younger, then when I found them again, I got into it more and more.

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my first bearing yo-yo.

while the letters ‘thp’ may not come up in modern conversation all that much, i’m not sure you could say it’s ‘forgotten’. SO many of the people who have influenced where yo-yoing has gone were a part of thp, that it’d be really difficult for it to ever fall by the wayside.


Anybody that was in THP still around? (yo-yo wise)

Joseph Harris, Paul Han, Yuuki, Are the big names still active.


Ask alex garcia to compete again

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That’s a cool pic. Is that Dennis McBride in the back left? Looks like the guy from my vhs tapes lol.

Someone needs to start “team low performance” so I can put myself on it


Back row, third from the right is Dazzling Dave Schulte.

There actually is a Team Low Performance which is interestingly enough a group of very high level players in the contest scene in Taiwan XD


I started with Dennis Mcbride’s VHS tapes.

Still have my THP yoyo case. My favorite case, wish I would have gotten one of the 12 space ones now too.

That’s hilarious