"Old Schoolers"

I have been wondering about who was big “back in the day”. I know that that was only in the last ten -20 at most years but many of the players who currently make up yoyoing weren’t throwing back then and a few may not have even been born. Considering how good those people are already means that were only getting better and we will only get less attached with the greats that were around as recent as 2008 and even more. So if you have any outstanding players especially the lesser known ones from days past find a video or just post their name. It’s always a good thing to stay in touch with your roots and if that means being inspired to try something new or straight up stealing of tricks (that happens a lot with magicians to the point that its a normal thing to do) , its definitely important.

Doctor Popular is my favourite yoyo player. He is the one that made me start. With one video. This one. I think this will always be my favourite yoyo video, it’s just too cool


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Depends on how far back you want to go.

THP Days:
Alex Garcia
Sky Kiyabu
Alan Batangan

Single A Revolution:
Paul Escolar
Gary Longoria
Jeff Longoria
Spencer Berry
Gabe Lozano
Jason Lee
Scott Coyle
Alex Lozyniak

(I’ll come back to this)

Nathan, what does THP stand for?

Stepping in…
THP: http://www.yoyowiki.org/wiki/Team_High_Performance

That’s a heck of a group Nathan, what I think of as the first wave of yo-yo videographers. When Gabe’s videos started coming out of Cali showing what guys were doing down there it changed everything. Where would we be today without Sage’s whips or Spencer’s slack? I also fondly remember those days as when I could actually learn some of the tricks coming out, today I just watch videos and shake my head.