Who did you watch?

Who did you guys/gals watch on youtube for inspiration yoyo-wise when you started?

I watched (and still watch to this day) Marcus Koh. I literally would not be typing this if I hadn’t come across this…

and also the yoyofactory east coast tour videos


I think the first player I watched was HS, but I didn’t like how his tricks seem fast and simple, so I typed in “Double yoyo”, then I saw this guy with a cool name. Patrick borgerding. After that I decided that I wanted to pursue double handed, but that was expensive, so I settled for 2a. After awhile I gave up and went to 1a then 5a and now I’m here, a 3a player.


Me too! The yomega DVD.

Anything Ed Haponik…

Steve Brown

These guys are my age, they are YEARS ahead of me in talent, but at least we are from the same decade.

And… this one…

One of mu current favorites… I love how he timed it with the music.

John Ando!!!

Yuuki, spencer berry, and jensen.

Still can’t do any of their tricks…

I know those feels bro

1st and 2nd of 2013 wyyc

Saw this way back in2011 when it came out http://yoyonews.com/2011/11/15/janos-karancz-joins-duncan-crew-hungary/
Not gonna count yoyo God or Andrew tuts since probably everyone on the forum has seen that at least once… Forgot bout him till I remembered his name months later…
Found this got hooked to yoyo videos around sept 20th ish of 2012

Getting back into throwing this last time it was really Black’s Ted Talk proformance that opened my eyes to what throwing had become and inspired me to get back into it

Blacks Ted Talk is what got me back into it too!

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Mickeys 06 1A which I found randomly on youtube one day. :slight_smile:

There is sooooo0o0oo00o0o many great youtube videos nowadays its to hard to pic just a couple…

These players are some of my favorites to watch via youtube videos/competitions:

Yuuki Spencer, John Ando, Jensen Kimmitt, Charles Haycock, Jason Lee, Nate Sutter, Grant Johnson, Ben Conde, Shinnosuke Miyamoto, Ricardo Fraolini, Tyler Severance, and Anthony Rojas…but the list litterally could keep going on and on foreversssssss : ppppp


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Christopher chia Ap 2011

adding on to what I said previously, I also watched (and, again still watch to this day) aegyocrew :smiley:

Stien and David Ung

This started it all for me. :smiley: