All sold Please close

Hey everyone,

Need to recoup some cash. Please feel free to check my feedback. Anything less than 50.00 add shipping 6.35 anything above 50.00 I will ship.

F&F preferred but not required - cover the fee

First come first serve, not at all trying to be a jerk, but i won’t do holds - been left on read too many times on the BST

MFD rollers and Begleri -75.00 for everything not included in the YoYo bundles


Hey is that aussie 888 high walled?

Yes it is

Bump a lot more stuff

All sold items shipping

Dam, was hoping it didnt have the highwall

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Yeah I understand- it sold though!

Nice! 888s will never die haha

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I have one of each year and variation of bearings, just letting some duplicates go is all :slight_smile:

Ayy i love it man. My Ti 888 and my ocho8ocho are still with me, will never let those go away. I owned an 888 from every year (except 08) and sold them over time as i dont throw much anymore. Hopefully you still give each of them throwing time!

Lowered prices

Bump - still great stuff here

Last price drop then I will close the thread after 24 hours

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Topyo bundle for 100- SOLD
Take everything that’s a YoYo not in Topyo bundle for 75.00 - SOLD
Begleri 75.00 for all

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